【Pre-order】Leopard Cat Rice | harvest in July,2019

Leopard Cat Rice is a product of pesticide-free farming, and it is also part of the “River Basin Recovery” project.

In order to promote leopard cat conservation and make it sustainable, our Leopard Cat Rice are all originated from main habitats of leopard cat, Miaoli, Fung Shue Wo. We believe using environmental friendly way in farming can support leopard cat have safe places to live and even extended their habitats.

NT$2,400 NT$2,000

Because Fung Shue Wo is the place that Dr. Chen, Mei-Ting, a leopard cat authority in Taiwan, doing and writing her first leopard cat research, we usually say Fung Shue Wo is the beginning of Leopard Cat Rice.

In 2016, Forestry Bureau, Miao-li Natural Ecology Society, and  Taiwan Blue Magpie Tea collaborated to grow rice in an environment friendly way (pesticide-free) in Fung Shue Wo, a habitat of leopard cat, and named the rice “ Leopard Cat Rice”, wish it can help leopard cat conservation and make local community  can also develop by Leopard Cat Rice.

Up to the present, Leopard Cat Rice get more and more attention from public. Now, Leopard Cat Rice participate the “River Basin Recovery” project, and look forward to make catchment area in Fung Shue Wo cleaner by natural farming and to balance farming and wildlife . We are planning to invite more farmers to join us extending the habitats of leopard cat, and make the farmers also being the protectors of environment. 


【Pre-order/ Leopard Cat Rice / Harvest in July, 2019】Leopard Cat Rice now offer  limited number.

From July, 2019, 15% surplus of  Leopard Cat Rice will be donated to associations related to leopard cat conservation. Enjoy Leopard Cat Rice, and support leopard cat conservation and environment-friendly agriculture!


【Special offer of pre-orders】

If you pre-order this item, we will give you a discount. At the same time, you can get one bag of rice for free.

Contents: 1200g bag of rice *11  bags (10 bags+1 for free) in an order

Price: 2000 NTD (Original price: 2400)

Shipping fee: 130 NTD

Delivery date: All of orders is scheduled to be shipped in mid-August.

Cultivar of rice: Tayuan No. 3

*Choosing milled rice or brown rice*

Milled rice is our flagship product. But we offer brown rice, too. You can make your own favorite combination. When you write down your combination, please check quantity of milled rice plus of brown is equal to 11, thank you.

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Weight 1200 g